Nutrinsect is a biotech company with headquarters both in Italy and Spain which is specialized in alternative protein and nutrients production by breeding and industrial insect transformation. Nutrinsect provides a sustainable solution to address the organic waste increasing production and nutrient deficiency. We use insects as food waste bio-transformers. Through organic waste disposal and treatment, we obtain natural fertilizer rich in nutrients ideals to biological culture and insects protein used such as a nutrient source for animal feed. Nutrinsect wants to contribute to one of the biggest challenges in the world, ensuring adequate human nutrition for humans and animals in a sustainable and economic way. Our aim is to solve two major problems: the increase of production of organic waste and the lack of nutrients. Over 30% of the world's food is wasted and sent to landfills or composting operations where most of the nutrients are dispersed. On the other hand, feed producers are looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional sources of protein sources to feed the animals. 

Nutrinsect provides a sustainable solution for both problems using insects as bio-transformers of food waste in order to dispose and to treat organic waste. Once treated, these wastes can be used as natural fertilizers rich in nutrients for organic cultivation. The proteins of insects can be used as a nutrient source for animal feed.

Giuseppe handles the managing of the administration, accounting and personnel. He has previous experience for over five years in the aquaculture sector. He was in charge of the management and organization of the warehouse, especially concerning the transformation and shipment of the finished product, as well as the documentation for the marketing of the product itself.

Junior Sales

Giuseppe Totaro

Graduated at the Scientific High School, Robert founded Nutrinsect as head of the management and sales management, both at national and at international level. He has not only commercial skills in the food and insurance sector, but also other skills like problem-solving, leadership, time management, adaptation, meeting deadlines, initiative and teamwork attitude.

Co-Founder and Head of Sales

Robert Yanes Cianni

Jose is the founder and CEO of Nutrinsect. He is in charge of the management of the Human Resource and Administrative Department and he represents the reference point between administrations, institutions and other organizations. He was previously sports technical director, and this enabled him to achieve good managerial, leadership, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

Founder and Head of HR

Jose Francis Cianni

Graduated in Economics and co-founder of Nutrinsect, Jose plays the role of head of the Finance Department and of the corporate communication. Before founding Nutrinsect, he had previous experience as office manager and financial adviser.

Co-Founder and CFO

Jose Obon Vidal

Biologist, scientific manager of the farm and collaborator in the development process of the business project. He is also responsible for drafting European calls and managing research and development projects with the University of Camerino. Graduated in marine biology, he has previous experience in the aquaculture sector, thanks to which he now uses his skills to improve the environmental domain for sustainable development.

Co-Founder and CFO

Tommaso Pinto

Agricultural technician and CEO of the Nutripeople project (crickets farm in Zambia). In Italy he works in the farm management and in the development and research of Acheta d., Blaprica d., and Tenebrio m. for the production of insect flours. He had strong teamwork and management skills.

Head of R&D

Silvio Piccinini

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Nutrinsect is a biotechnological startup based in Italy and Spain and is specialized in alternative protein and nutrients production by breeding and industrial insect transformation, applicable as raw material for the processing of animal and human feed

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