The organic fertilizer is made up of droppings and exoskeletons of crickets. All the crickets are raised while being fed with a vegetable diet. It can be used as a dry fertilizer, an additive for soil conditioners and in the preparation of liquid teas. Contains natural chitin, which is known to trigger natural plant defense systems. Frass is a unique fertilizer that is organic, sustainable and a natural food for plants. In a nutshell FRASS is cricket manure (insect droppings)! Cricket manure is collected, sieved and packaged without additives or fillers. It is naturally dry, with a low odor and easy to handle. Approved for organic farming programs, it is environmentally safe around ponds and waterways, pets and people. it is a slow release and does not wash off as chemical fertilizers do, it will not burn your plants without the risk of over-fertilization or fertilization.

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Nutrinsect is a biotechnological startup based in Italy and Spain and is specialized in alternative protein and nutrients production by breeding and industrial insect transformation, applicable as raw material for the processing of animal and human feed

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