Lipids or fats are organic compounds widely distributed in nature, which have one of the four main classes of organic compounds of biological interest. They act as precursors of biomolecules and, besides having an important structural function, they are also an important energy reserve, thus making them the ideal substrate for cells. Lipids are generally made up of a polar head and three codes of apolar fatty acids, which can be saturated or unsaturated. Some polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for the body, although they cannot be biosynthesized. These fatty acids, such as linoleic (Omega-6), must be introduced through food and are therefore called "essential fatty acids". In cricket flour the linoleic acid content is higher than fishmeal, giving it a more important effect on triglycerides. The first step for a qualitative or quantitative analysis of lipids consists in the extraction of the matrix to be examined and since insoluble in water they use water-soluble mixtures of organic solvents (eg alcohol-ether, methanol-chloroform), which solubilize the lipids and separate them from the other components. The great molecular diversity of lipids also offers a wide source for sustainable innovation and the fields of application are many, from cosmetics where they are used to provide products with lubricating, emollient, over-greasing and film-forming properties, to ophthalmology for the production of eye drops up to the production of biofuels.

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Nutrinsect is a biotechnological startup based in Italy and Spain and is specialized in alternative protein and nutrients production by breeding and industrial insect transformation, applicable as raw material for the processing of animal and human feed

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